The best eye liner: precise and smooth, the perfect precision you need for eye liner. Blends 4 kinds of different bristle which very hardness and materials. Made in Japan brushes which has 1200 years of tradition and a technique of Make up tool, "Kumano Fude" masters. The octagonal bottle shape is perfect for holding and drawing the perfect eye line. Carefully selected ingredients which avoid creating pigmentation, prevent dark circle from eye area. Resistant to perspiration, water resistance, sebum resistance, tears, and lasts for a long time until evening. Quick-drying, apply, can apply multiple times. Remove easily with hot water.

Brown-black color with hint of Khaki. This blackish brown is the best choice if you want to get the best from black and brown. Brown color yet enhance charm of eyes, it blends well and goes well with brown eye shadow and face color.

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Weight: 50g

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